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"In the 16 months that we have trained together she has transformed me both physically and mentally. She would not only push me for one more rep but she also pushed me to keep a positive attitude and expel the negativity. With her expertise, she was able to take me from couch potato to someone who could do handstand pushups, kipping pullups, snatches, etc. Through all the exercises she has taught me she made sure that correct form was of the upmost importance, as to not injure myself and make sure I was getting the most out of my workout. Allie has opened my eyes to the world of fitness and has shown me that fitness is not a punishment of the body, but a celebration of what the body can do."
-Adan Vallejo

"Allie trained me for a year and I learned so much about myself in that time. She helped me identify and improve on my weaknesses and she catered every session according to my triathlon training needs through the year. We developed a 3 month cycle that I'm still using. She made me look forward to every session because I knew it was going to be a positive and uplifting 30-60 minutes. She was also very adept at changing things on the fly when needed due to injury or illness or fatigue. I've recommended her to every friend that is looking to really improve their fitness with a personal trainer."

-Holly Cron


"I have never written a letter like this before.  But, I couldn't let the day end without showing appreciation and giving praise to my personal trainer, Allie Piro.  She is by far the best trainer I have worked with.  She constantly challenges and pushes me to do things that I never thought that I could.  Along with that, she motivates me and encourages me to acknowledge my personal accomplishments.  When I left there today I felt like I was on top of the world."

-Erica Martin

"Allie introduced me to drills and exercises outside my comfort zone. She began each and every workout with a well planned, systematic series that helped me achieve my personal physical goals. I have worked with highly sought after trainers in the past, but never have I had a trainer that has put so much thought and deliberate activity into my sessions."
-Darcy Henry


" Allie Piro has gone above and beyond anything I could have imagined when I hired her as my personal trainer.  Her levels of knowledge in the gym and her constant support has helped me to go from 451lbs to 371lbs in just 4 months. She gets the best out of people, and I think that's the most important part when it comes to being the best trainer you can be."
-Jeff Tims


"I love it! The gym itself is well-equipped, organized and always clean. There are other clean gyms with great equipment but the real heart of the gym and what makes it outstanding is Allie. She is a knowledgeable and intuitive trainer who personalizes and scales fitness plans with each unique individual in mind. Her solid and friendly approach to whole body fitness has helped me both physically and mentally. We have a great inclusive community here because that’s what Allie has and continues to build. This is a fantastic place to pursue lifelong fitness!"

-Christine Selick

"I cannot say enough good things about Allie at True Grit Fitness. She is extremely knowledgeable and quick to make adjustments and modifications based on client needs and goals. I've worked out with many trainers, but no one has been able to solve my mobility issues. Allie did it in one session. Her workouts are purposeful, challenging and full of variety. Her facility is top notch. All the equipment you need, plus clean, open and airy. Highly recommend!"

-Katie Curry

"As a shy youngster, I missed out on learning long term fitness strategies and I was unhappy with my body for most of my adulthood. Nearing 30, I finally took the plunge and checked out True Grit Fitness. True Grit Fitness is a smallish footprint gym owned and managed by Allie Piro. The facilities are clean, inviting and quiet with an inexpensive buy-in but the real prize is personal training with Allie.
Coming at physical fitness as an outsider with no experience, I was nervous about injury, embarrassment and exhaustion. Training here for the last 8 months, I find my confidence was well placed. My trainer Allie Piro is a gentle caregiver who respects boundaries and is keenly interested in creating lifelong healthy habits, improving outcomes and cultivating mind-body awareness within her clients. Come check out True Grit Fitness for a chill, 24 hour gym and peerless training program"

.-Daniel Gill

"In 11 months and counting TGF is my hideout and escape from daily stress. In this time I have come off several meds, improved BP, A1C, strength, mobility, posture, gone down a size in clothes, etc. It's been a journey. Allie is always present to what's going on with you, listens to what's going on with your health when away from sessions, etc. The sessions are flexible and something always new. The coaching is excellent. I left another facility and have had at least 6 trainers in 10 years, but none come close to the guru trainer. True Grit Fitness / Training facility is clean, welcoming, and always a positive experience. I highly recommend TGF and invite you to check it out. Thank you so much!"

-John Chioles

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