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About Allie - Owner/Personal Trainer

I knew personal training was my passion at age 14. I was playing softball with national champions and knew I desperately needed to pick up my game. I started training with a personal trainer and was stunned by who I became, not only on the field, but in my everyday life. I found a healthy structure and a new sense of pride in who I am. I can't express how grateful I was for this man who changed my life. It was then that I realized I too want to touch people's lives and change them for the better. That day, I committed myself to the amazing journey of guiding people through their path of overcoming obstacles and discovering the best versions of themselves.


  • NASM-CPT - National Academy Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

  • CF-L1 - CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • NASM-BCS - National Academy of Sports Medicine Behavior Change Specialist 



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About Nathan - 
Personal Trainer

Athletics has been my passion since I began competing in gymnastics at the age of 8. From there I became a three-sport athlete in high school and became a bit obsessed with training the body to maximize performance - to the point that my parents would “ground” me from working out! It was only natural that when I needed my first real job at age 19 I became an NASM CPT to help others discover their own passion for self-improvement. After all these years, I am still amazed by the adaptability of the human body to external stimuli - how we can use exercise to mold ourselves into the form we desire. But my passion has evolved beyond physical training to integrate the mind, body, and spirit in pursuit of optimal health.


About Darcy - RYT 300 Yoga Instructor

I truly love life and yoga.  It has been my desire,  since I started practicing in 2010, to share this tradition with anyone and everyone. At first, yoga was a supplemental practice to running and cycling, but  after a half marathon and a few MS150’s, yoga became my main focus. So, I became a teacher in 2016.
I believe in yoga for wellness. I believe yoga is for every body. The beautiful and unique thing about asana is that it touches every part of the human anatomy. As Bryan Kest says “ takes care of you”.  Looking good is different than FEELING good. There is no proof that pretty people feel better than anyone else. Don’t we all just want to feel good? In my classes we challenge ourselves, we push our boundaries and connect our practice on the mat to our lives that leave the yoga studio.
I was born in Southern California. I love the sun and the ocean and the moon. I’ve lived in texas since I was 21 years old and now consider myself a Cali-Texan. My students are my greatest teachers and I will never stop learning. Houston has SO many inspiring yogis!  It’s an honor to be a part of the Houston Yoga Community. Being united makes us strong and connected. Together we can do so much!

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About Adrian - GritXT Coach/Personal Trainer

Competing in triathlons has helped me value fitness from an early age, and powerlifting has shown me how much confidence exercise can build. My love of sport and fitness naturally led to me to become an A.C.E. certified personal trainer and a high school coach for multiple sports.


My aim is to not only help you optimize your performance to achieve your fitness goals, but to also build your confidence by showing you what you are truly capable of. I have helped clients of all fitness levels set and achieve measurable goals along their personal journeys. I utilize a combination of mobility/stability, strength training, and metabolic conditioning. This three tier approach will truly help optimize your health - whether you are an athlete looking to take your performance to the next level or just trying to get into fitness for the first time.  


About Kristina Brown - Dietician - MS, RD, LD

Hi, my name is Kristina Brown. I’m a Registered Dietitian (RD) and am excited to offer nutrition counseling services. I have pursued a career in nutrition because I love helping people nurture positive food relationships for a happy, healthy life! I became an RD in March 2019. Since then, I have worked as a clinical dietitian in the hospital setting, with a grocery store as a contract dietitian offering nutrition counseling, and in the public health setting providing general nutrition education. These positions have allowed me to hone my skills as a dietitian helping me develop relationships with the diverse populations I serve. I spend my free time frequenting coffee shops, trying new cuisines, baking/cooking, gardening, and hiking with my husband, Austin, my daughter, Emmylou, and our pups, Lola and Indy.

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